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The Capital Raiser Show

Nov 15, 2023

Leo and I had an interesting conversation about how he helps accidental slumloards and their residents to have better lives. Additonaly we went into some details about the fund he uses to acquire these properties. 

Some topics we covered in the show include:

  • Buying Slumlord Houses and Bringing them to FHA Standards

Nov 15, 2023

It's hard to make money while doing good in the world.

Matt Ryan tells us a little about the struggle!


Some topics we covered on the full episode include:

  • Green Building from the get go

  • Charity yet having a marketing leading return for investors

  • Charity is Altruistic AND can be profitable 

  • Co-Living and...

Nov 15, 2023

$30 Trillion - that is what is on the table!

Are you tapping into this money that has already been designated for investing in USA retirement accounts?

Mat Sorensen dove into how to unlock this capital and what you need to say to get people to take it out of the stock market on the full show.


Some topics we covered...

Nov 9, 2023

Matt was steadfast in this interview in explaining how you can have a service oriented business while also helping the world. Raising capital in this scenario requires determination and he walks us through the process of how he does it.


Some topics we covered include:

  • Green Building from the get go

  • Charity yet...

Nov 8, 2023

Mat talks to us about the process to move limited partners to self direct their retirement accounts.


Some topics we covered on thes show include:

  • Assisting clients raise capital for their own deals

  • Being an Attorney and a real estate investor

  • Raising from IRA’s

  • There is $30 Trillion in Retirement Accounts in...