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The Capital Raiser Show

Nov 23, 2020

Neal was amazing. Hear him talk about growing up in Mumbai India, the dream of America, multifamily underwriting, raising capital, investors moving into his favorite asset class and of course going to the principle's office. and

Nov 23, 2020

Julie of Old Capital Lending gets interrogated by me about what syndicators want to know about lending and how it works within multifamily syndication. However, she does way more than educate. She hooks people up with capital partners. and Julie's Cell: (972) 833-2774

Nov 22, 2020

It was great being challenged by the Mad Scientist with a Pop Quiz on Multifamily, hearing how he underwrites deals, verifying if his predictions 3 months ago came true, listening to his unfiltered content, talking shop about capital raising and hearing about his youth. and...

Nov 21, 2020

Bruce and Ben talk about the transition from wholesaling 2,000 houses into Syndicating 850 Multifamily Units and the difficulties of being a family business.

Nov 15, 2020

Tasked with managing the family investment portfolio, Lennon Lee talks about the journey of the Latin American family navigating the world of commercial multifamily investing and joining forces with Everett Stony Stonebraker in the syndication business.