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The Capital Raiser Show

Oct 29, 2019

Kathryn walks us through her evolution from passively investing in flipping houses to buying apartments and moving into the world of syndication. Now she is part owner of 567 multifamily units in Texas and her portfolio keeps growing. 


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investment opportunities...

Oct 25, 2019

Neal talks about Raising Money, How to use Webinars and what you should include, why multifamily, MultifamilyU, the US Economy, Weatherly Walk Deal, Marketing and Branding.





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Oct 23, 2019

Nate Smith is primed to grow his business to 10,000 units over the next ten years using ambitious perseverance and taking action. In this episode he talks about airplanes, growing his business, working with brokers, buying deals, partnering with his wife and how he uses sales funnels to raise capital.


Oct 18, 2019

Great dialogue about syndication, drinking on shows, Capital Raising, the process of having a deal under contract, working with brokers, helping people, batting and surviving leukemia, adventures, conferences and everything in between.

Oct 15, 2019

Alina Trigub is the founder of SAMO Financial. She loves helping people! Her passion is to spread the word about the benefits of passive investing in various forms of real estate and to empower people to build wealth for themselves and for their families.

Alina has MBA in Finance and Management from Rutgers and Bachelor...