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The Capital Raiser Show

Aug 31, 2020

Join us as Firefighter and TV Show host of Flipping Boston comes on to go over being a Fund Manager and what life has been like since migrating to the land of Milk and Honey



Aug 31, 2020

Check out Anthony discuss how he puts 1031 money into syndication deals and explain what he loves about Assisted Living.



Aug 28, 2020

David Seymour, ex TV Show Star and Firefighter goes through his experiences as a fund manager and his days of old. 

Full show coming soon. 

Aug 20, 2020

From Wholesaling to Syndicating Senior Living, using creative strategies for 1031 exchange investors including using monetized Installment sales and raising capital from seller finance!



Aug 18, 2020

Annie Breaks down the process most people can use to strengthen their brand for attracting passive investors and your avatar.


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