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The Capital Raiser Show

Sep 27, 2023

Jesse Futia is a baller on Linkedin, a ghost writer, syndicator and raises capital through content creation, LinkedIn optimization and attracting accredited investors to DM him. Today we explore how he does it and what we can do to evolve our content too!

Some topics we covered include:

  • The Power of Real Estate...

Sep 27, 2023

One key to persevering in any entrepreneurial endeavor is to never give up and keep God close!

Prince's company Pillar Housing works closely with various government, home health, & non-profit organizations to provide the necessary long-term housing accommodations & medical facilities needed for their...

Sep 25, 2023

Prince and I talked about coming up in the JV group home space and navigating the world of entrepreneurship as a 27 year old.

Some topics we covered include:

  • From Wholesaling to to leasing out buildings for long term cash flow

  • Entering the Group home business with a family friend

  • The Investor perspective:...

Sep 22, 2023

Best Masterclass Yet! Neal Bawa got all Mad Scientist on us with his insights on numerous aspects of the industry, the economy, multifamily data, bridge loans and inflation. Don't skip this one!

Topics covered include:

  • How BTR got started

  • What is BTR?

  • People don’t consider apartments like their own home

Sep 21, 2023

It’s an interesting topic but it can cause tons of confusion. Thank God we have Laura to help us navigate the world of Tokenization. We made it fun and digestible. 

Some topics we covered include:

  •  Implementing Blockchain and AI into Real Estate

  • Block chain is not Crypto

  • This technology is changing the...