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The Capital Raiser Show

Nov 9, 2023

Matt was steadfast in this interview in explaining how you can have a service oriented business while also helping the world. Raising capital in this scenario requires determination and he walks us through the process of how he does it.


Some topics we covered include:

  • Green Building from the get go

  • Charity yet having a marketing leading return for investors

  • Charity is Altruistic AND can be profitable 

  • Co-Living and MicroDevelopment

  • It’s challenging to implement affordable housing for deals under $35M

  • Beurachracy is hard work even with tax credit incentives

  • There are markets showing upside in this niche post pandemic

  • You have to prove your track record to scale and get debt

  • Small Developers are Redefining the way business is done

  • Some green methods employed including insulation

  • Building Efficiency can be argued as not green

  • Getting into development

  • Having an interest in complexities

  • Creating value via forced appreciation

  • Can you do deals without outside capital?

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