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The Capital Raiser Show

Dec 12, 2023

Leo talks about his business and the game of Networking with Family Offices

On the full episode we covered some of the following topics:

  • Buying Slumlord Houses and Bringing them to FHA Standards

  • It started with a conversation on an airplane

  • There is a philanthropic side to the business

  • You can make money and...

Nov 15, 2023

Leo and I had an interesting conversation about how he helps accidental slumloards and their residents to have better lives. Additonaly we went into some details about the fund he uses to acquire these properties. 

Some topics we covered in the show include:

  • Buying Slumlord Houses and Bringing them to FHA Standards

Jun 30, 2023

Here is a clip form the show.

Matt talked about the following on the full episode: 

  • Finding the way in the fund management space

  • Lawyer advice is not business advice with funds

  • There is a market for Emerging Fund Managers that need our help

  • People don’t get Admin so we do it for them

  • Being An Investment...

Jun 2, 2023

Natu shares with us what his company does and how it helps capital raisers.


Some topics we covered in the full show include:

  • Learning capital raising in Canada

  • What does

    • First Syndications, setting up funds

    • Setup systems for capital raising

  • Helping people who don’t yet know how to raise...

Apr 28, 2023

Lance talked shop with us about his journey, the state of the economy, when and if to start a fund, busines advice prior to starting a fund and that sometimes he convinces people not to start a fund.

Some topics we went over included: 

Teaching Mortals How to Create Funds

Series LLCs

Business Advice Before Starting a...