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The Capital Raiser Show

Nov 15, 2023

$30 Trillion - that is what is on the table!

Are you tapping into this money that has already been designated for investing in USA retirement accounts?

Mat Sorensen dove into how to unlock this capital and what you need to say to get people to take it out of the stock market on the full show.


Some topics we covered on the full episode include:

  • Assisting clients raise capital for their own deals

  • Being an Attorney and a real estate investor

  • Raising from IRA’s

  • There is $30 Trillion in Retirement Accounts in the USA

  • Retirement Money is already set aside for investing!

  • TWO parts to the process

  • 1. You must know enough to educate people about it.

  • 2. You have to be able to execute on the strategy.

  • You must be able to walk your investors through the process

  • Mat targets Capital Raisers in his business to help them raise

  • People are sick of the stock market roller coaster - use that pain point!

  • There are 3 steps

  • 1. Open a SDIRA

  • 2. Move the Money

  • 3. They Authorize the Investment

  • When they don’t want to move money, ask them, "What did they make in the stock market last year?"

  • Ask them how their 401K is doing? - Pain Point!

  • Ask them, "What is the total return they made?"

  • People are drawn to investing in RE because its more reliable than stocks

  • The process to move the money takes about 2 weeks

  • UBIT Tax - Unrelated Business Income Tax

  • Unrelated Debt Financed Income Tax

  • Ways to avoid UBIT Tax

  • The different vehicles that are available

  • Know your personality type and partner with people who can cover your weaknesses

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