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The Capital Raiser Show

Jun 30, 2022

Matt dropping bombs on the insights to running a scaling multifamily portfolio Co-GP business. Andy and I host this amazing syndicator in the presence of a great audience!

Jun 29, 2022

Vinney talks about preparation, confidence and pizazz to attract capital. We also talk about Assisted Living Build To Rent projects.


Jun 28, 2022

TJ had tech issues when he started to syndicate so he and his partner created software to help ease the redundencies of syndication. Now that has turned into the #1 Syndication Portal.


Lets, check him out at the Family Office Club event Live

Jun 25, 2022

I tried to give Vinney hard objections to investing and he just laughed at them. I think I'm ready to give him my money too! He is just too good! Let's take a minute and learn from him!

Jun 24, 2022

Arn shares why he thinks Multifamily is a great place to invest in the current economy.