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The Capital Raiser Show

Aug 5, 2020

Nathan, is very modest in terms of what he is doing in the multifamily space. Listen as he talks about scaling with Private Equity sources and working with people who have a large track record!



Jul 25, 2020

Annie Dickerson and I talk about our experiences attracting things into our lives and how coming form the right emotional perspectives can affect the way we bring things including capital into our lives.


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Jul 25, 2020

Here is an exploratory banter of how the Law of Attraction works using actual scientific studies that show we can influence things in the quantum field with our thoughts.

Here is a link to the double slit experiment that shows how conscious beings affect the quantum world. 

Jul 24, 2020

Rod Shares with us about the power of the subconscious mind and shares his key to raising capital and finding limited partners. 


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Jul 21, 2020

Rod Khleif goes over the process he will take you through at his events to manifest the life of your desires. 

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