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The Capital Raiser Show

Feb 13, 2024

Chris is a believer in buying real estate and waiting it out through any down turns. In the full show he covered why he sold off his 8,000 unit multifamily portfolio and pivoted into senior living real estate. 


In this clip he covers raising capital from family offices a bit. 


On the full episode we went over:

Feb 9, 2024

Chris Finlay Joined us for the Premier of Season 4 and talked shop with me about how he sold a lot of his 8,000 multifamily unit portfolio and pivoted into Assisted Living and Memory Care facilities. We discuss why as the show unfolds.

Themes we discussed include:

  • Surviving Downturns

  • Assisted Living and...

Feb 9, 2024

Kenny walks us through the evolution of starting passively with 100K then moving into active syndications, capital raising and going into multiple asset classes for his diverse database of investors.


On the full episode we explored the following topics:

  • Developments, multifamily syndications and lots of funds 

  • It...

Feb 5, 2024

Kenny was a blast and easy to talk to. Hard to believe he owns so much real estate and has evolved into so many asset classes to own over $1B of Assets Under Management. If you want to learn capital raising, tune is as he has raised over $200M!

some topics we explored include:

  • Developments, multifamily syndications...

Feb 1, 2024

I met Migena Agaraj at the Family Office Club and she had a huge group of people surrounding her.

Turns out that networking is her main thing and it has lead to raising capital.

Here is is a clip on networking from our show.


On the full show we covered: 

  • Albanians love real estate

  • Connecting with Grant Cardone...