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The Capital Raiser Show

Jun 30, 2023

Here is a clip form the show.

Matt talked about the following on the full episode: 

  • Finding the way in the fund management space

  • Lawyer advice is not business advice with funds

  • There is a market for Emerging Fund Managers that need our help

  • People don’t get Admin so we do it for them

  • Being An Investment Advisor

  • Directing a fund into other’s deals and investing alongside them too

  • Getting a credit line from a bank with mortgage backed securities

  • What Fairway did and does invest in

  • Partnering with Co-GP’s in Funds

  • What is intriguing about fund models?

  • Why would someone avoid the fund route

  • Deal by Deal Funds

  • How do you even find a fund architecture consultant prior to launching a fund

  • Running background checks on sponsors as a service

  • What have you learned about capital raising?

  • Fund Administration


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