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The Capital Raiser Show

Nov 7, 2023

Jean is one of the few BTR syndicators in Phoenix, most BTR developers in Phoenix are Institutions or Private Investors. I hope you enjoy what he had to say on the topic as much as I did!

check out the full episode where we covered things like: 

  • Dreaming to be a lender from a young age

  • Using a pool fund to lend from

  • Scaling up a BTR fund to do it big

  • Why should someone invest in BTR?

  • Institutional capital has left Retail and Office to go into BTR

  • Renters prefer a yard and SFR’s to rent more than apartments

  • Build to Rent vs Build to Sell

  • There is a 6 Million home shortage of houses 

  • You can build BTR, Retn it Now, Sell it Later

  • Make sure to individually plat the lots for multiple exit strategies

  • Subcontractors will give you a great price when you build in bulk

  • Institutions will pay a premium for larger portfolios of BTR

  • AZ has a Spec Builder tax that gets voided after two years of holding

  • You can pick the ideal time to sell based off future cap rate predictions

  • What are the benefits of investing in AZ

  • Benefits of Build to Rent

  • Capital Raising for Development

  • Using Regulation D. 506(c) exemptions 

  • Hard Money Lending Funds for BTR in AZ

  • Investors often have two investment theses that can both be addressed

  • Individual mezzanine lenders may not need to be accredited

  • How do you lend money in AZ (post lighting round)

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