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The Capital Raiser Show

May 24, 2023

Scott is absolutely amazing, I would follow this man to the promised land. Today we dove into all aspects of self storage syndicating and I think you guys are in for a real treat!


We covered the following:

  • Single Family doesn't have economies of scale

  • Multifamily has Tenants and Toilets

  • Forcing Appreciation

  • Self Storage was the most feasible choice

  • Hedge against rental defaults by selling the stuff inside the storage units

  • Less repairs and maintenance

  • Adding Square Footage

  • Self Storage Development

  • Retail/ Industrial to Storage Conversions

  • Why Self Storage over other asset classes

  • It's called the trauma and transition business

  • The longest running content creators get the greatest traction

  • Value Add plays in self storage

  • Adding (30) additional income streams 

  • Market Selection and feasibility studies

  • Delays are the costliest part of construction

  • Lost opportunity cost

  • Identifying city appetite for projects and seeking roadblocks before hand

  • Considering how to build as fast as possible

  • Using Fund Structures

  • Capitalizing on depreciation

  • Sources of capital and partnership structures

  • Writing for Forbes

  • Raising Capital Philosophies

  • Fund Administration

  • Being an Educator with an Academy

  • High Level Masterminds


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