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The Capital Raiser Show

Jan 31, 2023

Lee crushed it and broke down tons of intracies on syndication mindset and philosophy. Some topics we covered were:

  • Syndicating instead of using your own cash.
  • Scaling uncommonly fast
  • Transitioning from Fix and Flips
  • Getting out of a high tax bracket
  • Tax deductions, creating generational wealth & multifamily benefits
  • Raising from 401K’s, SDIRA’s and QRP’s
  • Going from Investing in Crowd Funds to directly with Sponsors
  • Learning what’s good by investing passively with numerous sponsors
  • Attributes of a great investor avatar
  • The current economic and lending climates.
  • Studying migration patterns to pick MSA’s
  • Aspiring to your dreams and betting on yourself


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