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The Capital Raiser Show

Jun 26, 2023

Brandon created a resource to help people never lose their money. Download a copy at his website below in the show notes.

In the full episode we covered:

  • From Med Device Sales to Build to Rent Syndicator

  • Nobody will look out for your financial well being but you

  • Hard Knocks starting out with new construction

  • Investing heavy in marketing

  • The birth of a new construction company

  • Mitigating Risks

  • Ways to make cash in development

  • Multiple exit strategies

  • Building equity through forced appreciation

  • The difference between build to rent and build to sell

  • Market Selection

  • Partnering with Builders vs In House

  • Raising Capital after running out of cash

  • Investor experience brings referrals 

  • Should we use a fund at some point?

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