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The Capital Raiser Show

Jul 30, 2023

❓ Why would someone sell an apartment complex off market vs taking a property to Market❓

✅ The Buyer wants to see the deal go to someone who will take care of the community
✅ The buyer likes you because they met you years back
✅ This is why you build relationships with people way before the deal is ready to be sold.
✅ It boils down to relationships and timing!
✅ Being persistent is important.
✅ The Real Wealth can be created in finding off market deals

Wayne gives us the low down!


On the full episode we covered:

  • From Asset & Property Management to Owning Large Scale Properties

  • What goes on in the mind when contemplating Scaling into Syndication

  • Corporate companies can temper the entrepreneurial spirit

  • Find a good coach that is also an operator

  • Figure out the Why first, not the how.

  • In a perfect world The entire GP team would raise capital. A small team is best.

  • People bragging about $400M AUM but they only own 2%

  • Case Study: First Major Deal as a Syndicator

  • Skip Tracing and Follow up to get off market deals

  • Implementing people to manage new processes while scaling

  • Finding VA’s that are in the same time zone as you!

  • Implementing capital raising outreach and platforms.


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