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The Capital Raiser Show

Jan 31, 2023

Wow. I can't believe a challenge like this exists. I needed this challenge when I was a kid. 

Imagine a 16-21 year old learning to underwrite deals and raise capital. Imagine that they could participate as Co-GP's in a real syndication. That is what Tim is trying to do with his Teen Millionaire Challenge. I look forward to following the progress on this challenge! I'm proud of waht you are doing Tim! keep up the good work.

In the full episode we go over:

  • Immigrating from Vietnam
  • Scaling form SFR’s to Multifamily
  • Mindset
  • Launching a Teen Millionaire Program
    • Kids Making Offers on 100 Unit deals
  • The American Opportunity for Creating Wealth
  • Launching The Capital Raising Party
  • Why Focus on Capital Raising?
  • Raising for Small Deals vs. Large Deals


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