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The Capital Raiser Show

Feb 28, 2023

As an owner of HRN.LLC Family Office Sal answered the following: 

What are the 3 ways that you mentioned for capital raising? 0:20

Do you recommend any female fund advisor? 0:50

Do you do 1 on 1 consultations? 2:15

How often do you visit Boston? 3:30

Is the audio book a fast listen? 4:20

How do I get an autographed book? 5:20

How do women overcome a male dominated space? 6:20

How would you encourage Capital Partners to meet Family Offices? 8:00

Where else can you find Family Offices? 12:00

When I am raising for heavy lift remodel syndications, am I looking for people who want to make a social impact? 14:00

What is a master series LLC? 17:20

Should you use a deal by deal segregated fund? 18:00

Why did you move to Miami? 21:15

Do you have a certain avatar group that you go after? 22:50

How much, real estate percentage wise, do you deal with? 25:45

What kind of skin do you have in the game? 26:00

Do you think real estate investors should get into alternative assets? 26:30

Do you have any parting wisdom for the aspiring capital raiser as they scale? 27:50

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