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The Capital Raiser Show

May 23, 2023

Here is a clip from our recent podcast where Randy discusses the importance of communication infrastructure when vetting sponsors.

In the full show Randy and I went down the Rabbit Hole of Capital Raising Partnerships Structures and Nuances.


In the full show we covered: 

  • From Turnkey rentals to raising capital for syndications

  • SFR’s were not scalable

  • Getting laid off from my W2

  •  ​Does having a big brand increase the chances of success?

  • ATM Fund Investments

  • What Did you learn and like/ dislike about passive investing

  • Sponsor to LP Communication is a big criteria for vetting

  • Would you Co-GP anyone you have not invested passively with?

  • It’s a good idea to observe operators for a while prior to partnering

  • Vetting operator’s communication infrastructure

  • Co-Gp vs fund structures

  • Single Asset Fund of Funds

  • Profitability for fund operator and structure

  • Capital Raising techniques and strategies to partner with LP’s

  • Raising from your LinkedIn Network

  • tool

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