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The Capital Raiser Show

Jun 8, 2023

Here is a preview of our show with Mike. He suggest you ask check yourself before rasing capital and measure and contemplate if you would do business withyourself. If you can't answer yes than that may be why you are failing to raise capital as that lack of confidence will be very transparent!


Here are some topics we covered on the main episode:


  • From From Financial Advising to Mortgage Banking then syndications

  • Managing Wealthy people’s money and using that advisement to help in current businesses

  • Starting Real estate companies

  • Being Singular of Purpose 

  • Having Clear Targets/ Shiny Object Syndrome

  • Fixing and Flipping in an Opportunity Zone fund

  • OZ fund advantages

  • 1031 exchanges with OZ funds

  • BTR in the Inland Empire

  • Be more focused on the return of money rather than the return on money

  • Don’t have too much cash sitting on sidelines

  • Work Life Balance

  • Do something everyday in the Core 4 (Body, Being, Balance, Business)

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