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The Capital Raiser Show

Dec 12, 2023

Leo talks about his business and the game of Networking with Family Offices

On the full episode we covered some of the following topics:

  • Buying Slumlord Houses and Bringing them to FHA Standards

  • It started with a conversation on an airplane

  • There is a philanthropic side to the business

  • You can make money and help residents

  • “We buy houses between a 15 and a 30 Cap Rate”

  • People become accidental slumlords

  • Finding Homes via Code Enforcement Violations

  • A Hooker who is a bird dog

  • Opening a Reg D 504 Fund

  • Selecting where 506(c) advertising dollars go

  • Creating Relationships at the family office club

  • Going to events with the mindset to add value

  • There is some blood in the water and investors have some dry powder

  • Let's create some financial literacy to those that need it most

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