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The Capital Raiser Show

May 14, 2023

Remember the 2008 Crash? Joel survived it and rebounded through a sequence of miracles. Tune in to the full episode to find out how and why he does all cash syndications now.

In the full episode we covered: 

  • Industrial leasing sales

  • Business Mindset from a young age

  • Old School Door to Door Leasing War stories

  • Observing a syndicator & developer as inspiration to do the same

  • Syndicating all cash developments deals

  • Surviving the 2008 crash

  • Capital Preservation as an investment philosophy

  • Mentoring people

  • We are nearing the top of a real estate cycle

  • Raising Capital for Industrial

  • Why Industrial has been on fire and created a huge boom

  • The 2 sets of 3 Rules of Industrial Real Estate

  • The User Sales Strategy

  • Getting to know your investors extremely well

  • Letting investors exit in the middle of syndications

  • If you are raising capital you must talk to 3 people daily

  • Interested equals Interesting philosophy


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