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The Capital Raiser Show

Sep 18, 2023

This might be a shock to the system:

You can live forever: the possibility is on the short horizon.


In this episode we went down the rabbit hole of artifical intelligence but we went further. What are some of the scientific breakthroughs that are coming and can AI become conscious? If you want to know, check out this episode.


Some topics we covered on the show include: 

  • What our robots can do

  • Getting two Phds simultaneously

  • Raising for films and contests

  • Writing for Star Trek Voyager

  • Doing a film with big actors

  • Raising for AI from the Ultra Wealthy

  • Partnering with Tony Robbins

  • Doing a founders raise with big friends

  • Have proper record keeping when raising larger amounts of money

  • Creating a value proposition that is irresistible 

  • If your business does not have AI in the next few years, you will go extinct

  • Do not have a cap on where a company can grow

  • Taking a company public

  • Product demonstration

  • People should fear AI for its misuse, not because it will become conscious

  • AI can mimic people’s voices for criminal behavior

  • Some ways to raise for movies

  • Credibility is the key for raising

  • Confidence moves people

  • Asking for introductions as a part of the strategy

  • Traveling the world and raising from foreign investors

  • Be focused on raising for just one thing at a time


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