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The Capital Raiser Show

Jul 24, 2023

Here is a quick clip from Dr. Ozoude's episode.

On the full show we covered:

  • From Purchasing Medical Buildings to Multifamily Syndications

  • Investing in Various Asset Classes

  • Starting a syndication focused on solving physicians problems

  • What Asset Classes are Cash Flowing the most and have the best tax advantages

  • Physicians need investment education because they studied only medicine

  • Some other Doctors to partner with

  • Bullishness on Build To Rent

  • Physicians are facing headwinds and looking to invest

  • Why Be Actively Investing as a Physician?

  • What are you learning and implementing from other passive investments you are in?

  • Focus on Leveraging Technology and incoming AI for investors

  • What Has Changed and Improved in his Capital Raising over the years

  • Being in Sales is not a bad thing, it's actually a great thing

  • Handling what is coming down the pipeline in the multifamily landscape

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