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The Capital Raiser Show

Sep 2, 2023

It’s an interesting topic but it can cause tons of confusion. Thank God we have Laura to help us navigate the world of Tokenization. We made it fun and digestible. 

Some topics we covered include:

  •  Implementing Blockchain and AI into Real Estate

  • Block chain is not Crypto

  • This technology is changing the RE landscape

  • You can manage a capital stack with blockchain

  • Non-fungible tokens

  • Providing liquidity to investors

  • How tokenization works

  • What properties can be tokenized

  • SEC compliance

  • Trades on the open market

  • Liquidity of shares

  • An attorney is required for the tokenized offering

  • A fund management portal is also necessary

  • Shares are recorded on blockchain for management purposes

  • As your shares increase in value, there will be regular valuations of worth

  • Anybody can invest in a tokenized deal without accreditation status

  • Learn the language or get left behind

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