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The Capital Raiser Show

Aug 1, 2023

Jonny was a blast to interview, we chopped it up about being mentored, implementing technology, investor conversations and funnels then chopped it up about running a fund. 


Some topics we brought up include:

  • Licensed investment broker sets sights on commercial real estate

  • Financial Advisement feels like selling vs raising capital feels like education

  • Be careful not to act like a financial advisor if you are managing blind pool funds

  • Testimony of Hunter Thompson’s program

  • Don’t try and schedule calls right away, first add value

  • There is value to keeping people on your list

  • Structure your phone calls so you are in control 

  • It's important to understand an investor’s investment thesis

  • Launching a fund for capital raising

  • With a fund if you raise enough you get different economics

  • How do fund managers get paid for their efforts?

  • Experience launching a Podcast (The Cashflow Chronicles)

  • Johnny’s preferred asset classes

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