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The Capital Raiser Show

Jul 25, 2023

Duane doesn't mess around when it comes to aggressive branding, he stands out. I had a blast on this show.

Some topics we covered include:


  • From SFR’s then scaling into multifamily syndication

  • Multifamily is a evaluated like a business

  • Starting as a passive investor than moving into active investing

  • Syndicating means more leverage and control vs. passive investing

  • Scaling into Co-GP’s is about Relationships and understanding what you can bring

  • Vetting Deals and Operators is one of the main duties for Co-GP’s

  • What things to look at when vetting sponsors

  • Communication infrastructure and improved updates

  • Rebranding Sponsor communications to your brand

  • Putting together a professional brand

  • Employing operational efficiencies

  • Running a Meetup

  • Lead Magnets and Authority Platforms

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