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The Capital Raiser Show

Dec 13, 2023

Cooper sees what you see! Operators are failing today because they can't perform their business plans!

Topics of the main show include:

  • Why Build to Rent?

  • Combining Operational Expertise with Home Development Expertise

  • Is BTR Multifamily?

  • Being Open to Going Long on the Deal

  • The Structure of Our Company

  • Don’t Do Deals to Feed A Machine

  • Addressing the Shifting Multifamily Space with the Debt Market

  • Managing People as You Scale and Building Company Culture

  • Managing People’s Money with Radical Transparency

  • Understanding a $50K Investment Might be the Largest Investment for Someone

  • Hiring a COO and what that Entails

  • Learning the Development Side

  • Taking the Blind Leap Into a New Asset Class

  • Lending Models in Our Development Space

  • Business Models for Raising and Acquiring Debt in Development

  • Lending Aspects for The Entire Community

  • Exit Strategies

  • Working with Institutions and or Selling to Them

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