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The Capital Raiser Show

Feb 24, 2023

Sal came on and discussed some of what he has written in 3 books he has authored particular around working in the Family Office Circles.


Topics we covered were: 

  • Economic Outlook

  • Running A Family Office

  • Scaling Into Becoming A Family Office

  • Investing In Life Sciences And Even Fine Art Lending

  • Creating An Investing Legacy For Wealthy People With Capital Preservation

  • Managing Funds

  • What Did Sal Learn From Having Funds

  • Paying Yourself In The Fund Structure

  • Capital Raising Strategies

  • Fund Administration

  • What a Deal Toy Is And How To Use It For Capital Raising

  • Using Deadlines to your Advantage

  • Keeping Investor Attention with Zoom

  • Using Exclusivity

  • The Use Of Tranching To Raise Capital And Create Urgency

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