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The Capital Raiser Show

Feb 22, 2023

Here is Brandon talking about the process investors go through emotionally when they are contemplating going through the process of investing $50K or more at a time!

On the full episode he broke down everything to know about being an RIA and how he works with Real Estate Syndicators. Some of the topics we went over include: 

  •  What Is an RIA Registered Investment Advisor?

  • When do RIA’s discuss Real Estate Syndications

  • Helping clients invest in passive investments from 1031 exchanges

  • How do RIA’s get compensated?

  • How do you get designated as an RIA?

  • Training your investors to expect a reasonable return

  • Vetting Sponsors

  • Emotional vs logical responses from investors

  • Should Sponsor's seek RIA’s as a source of capital?

  • Do RIA’s look for impact or charitable sponsors?


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