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The Capital Raiser Show

Oct 15, 2019

Alina Trigub is the founder of SAMO Financial. She loves helping people! Her passion is to spread the word about the benefits of passive investing in various forms of real estate and to empower people to build wealth for themselves and for their families.

Alina has MBA in Finance and Management from Rutgers and Bachelor of Business Administration in Accountancy from City University of New York. She worked as a Tax Accountant at Ernst & Young, as well as in the private sector. For the past few years Alina has worked tirelessly to help her investors participate in the offerings of over 1200 apartment units, $10MM storage fund, and $5M mobile home park fund. Alina is proud to work closely with several successful syndicators. Alina deeply enjoys learning about the goals of potential investors, and exploring venues for improving their portfolios, such as demonstrating the benefits of investing using IRA funds in real estate. She offers investors education through articles and presentations, and a thought after speaker at various real estate events.